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Canada’s VersaBank Opens New Crypto Asset Safety Deposit Box ‘VersaVault’ for Bitcoin Businesses

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The Canadian bank VersaBank announced a few days ago that it has completed a project known as VersaVault. In a press release, the company informed that the intention is to offer a virtual lockbox for cryptocurrency exchanges and other investment funds. In this way, they will be able to store digital assets in a safe way.

The press release says that the first phase of the rollout will be related to providing digital safekeeping and multi-signature services. The beta testing has been conducted with an initial client base that focused on the design of the solution. With this product, the intention is to provide the most technologically advanced digital and cyber-security solutions maintaining absolute privacy.

It is important to mention that the bank does not have the ability to access into a client’s digital safety box. The institution cannot even look inside the box. Only the client is the only one available to access their funds and things stored inside the box.

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